Trainings & Consultations for EMDR Therapists

Training days follow a combination of best adult learning approaches geared towards engaging adults in systematic and sustained activities in order to gain knowledge and skills to be able to think and practice with what is a different perspective about psychotherapy. Creating smaller groups, led by facilitators, during certain periods of the training allows trainees to practice the learning throughout each day. The two training weekends are usually separated by one or two months to provide the trainees with time to practice with their clients what was learned during the first weekend.

Between weekend one and weekend two of the training there will be consultation hours open to participate providing an opportunity to integrate EMDR knowledge and practice as well as to clarify any questions that may surface.

During weekend two there will be a refresher of what was learned during the first weekend of the training and then more advanced training will be added that will address how to work with more complex cases.

The basic training is the beginning of a new journey for mental health professionals. The training is available for all individuals who have a degree in mental health (students and therapists in the process of seeking their license can attend with written permission from their supervisors).

Individuals who EMDR training is well suited for include:

  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • Licensed Counselors LPC/LPCC
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Students who are in a Master Program

Weekend Virtual Training Schedule

  1. Precourse
  2. Two 3-day weekends
    1. Can be attended from any location with internet access
    2. Morning: Education and lecture
    3. Afternoon: Practicing what was learned in smaller groups led by facilitators
  3. 10 hours of consultation (included with fees and scheduled at your convenience.)
  4. Cost: Our total cost (see below) includes Part I, Part II & 10 Consultations (scheduled at your convenience), your EMDR Basic Training Certificate, Digital Materials, Prep Course, and a Badge for your Email Signature/Social Media to Market your New Skills! The price includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee.
  5. Quiz at the end of training days.
  6. Evaluations for the Program.
  7. Assessment for EMDRIA.

Why EMDR Training Solutions?

Our Basic Training instruction is completed over 2, 3-day weekends while many other trainings are spread over the course of 3 weekends or 5 day Intensives requiring more days of vacation. The average price for a 3 day training offering only part 1 and 2 is $1500. The required 10 consultations are an additional average cost of $500-700. Making it $2000 plus books/materials starting at $70. EMDR Training Solutions’ all inclusive price is currently $1550 (subject to change) and below the national standard to make it affordable for both non-profit and private practice therapists. Our trainers are patient, knowledgeable and fun. Facilitators engage the audience to actively listen and participate in the training while also having the opportunity to practice the skills being learned. If you should have additional questions, please contact us at or call or text 612-399-6449